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Somic always adheres to the coordinated development of the talent team construction goal and the overall development goal of the company, implements the principle of selecting talent by ability and cultivating talents with talents, constantly innovates the talent working mechanism, actively creates a good environment for talent growth and development, and strives to cultivate a high-quality talent team standing at the forefront of world science and technology and brave in innovation.


Somic has established a scientific mechanism for selecting and using talents. It takes the improvement of professional ability as direction, focuses on the formulation and implementation of training plans, and carrys out the whole process of career training to meet the needs of employment and entrepreneurship, talent growth and economic and social development, so as to comprehensively improve the overall quality of the staff team.



Competitive and incentive salary and benifits, sound logistics support system and rich cultural life of employees create a good working and living environment for attracting, retaining and motivating outstanding talents, and provide important guarantee for all kinds of talents to start their own businesses.




Somic always adheres to the people-oriented strategy: discover talents, use talents, cultivate talents, and build an elite team. The company attaches importance to personnel training and career planning, and provides a broad space for career development and a superior platform to reflect their own values.

We are looking forward to the influx of fresh blood to add vitality to the enterprise, more gratified by the persistence of loyal employees to escort the enterprise.

The development of Somic in the past is great and arduous, and its future goal is grand and beautiful.

Whether it is the growth of Somic, or the steady progress of the grand goal, it is placed on the tireless pursuit of all the Somic people and the inheritance from generation to generation. The achievements and glories of Somic belong to all the Somic people.

We always firmly believe that talent is the motive power, driving force and competitiveness of enterprise development. Strong employees make the enterprise strong. Somic adheres to the concept of 'pragmatic, realistic and people-oriented'. With its unique talent recruitment strategy, broad career development platform, excellent talent growth environment, sound incentive mechanism and humanistic corporate culture concept, Somic has become the gathering place of all kinds of excellent talents. We are committed to building a high-quality, high-level and highly skilled staff team, and forming a good enterprise atmosphere of respecting, relying on and caring for talents. The first is to advocate the correct concept of talents, follow accurate standard of talent selection and use, respect and trust talents. The second is to establish a long-term goal of the enterprise, create a good development platform, cultivate and enhance talents. The third is to establish the mechanism of salary and benefit increase, improve the talent incentive system, and encourage and stabilize talents. These three points are a strong guarantee to ensure that the enterprise gives all scope to talents. At the same time, in the selection and promotion of talents, we insist on the principles of fairness, justice and openness, and have established and improved a scientific human resource management system, so that every competent and enterprising person can realize their own value in Somic, and truly implement the spirit of paying no less than anyone's efforts to the society.

The times need talents, talents accomplish career. Somic is thirsty for talents and appoints people on their merits. Whether they are doctors, masters and senior technicians, or ordinary workers, managing staff, marketing staff and R&D staff who are fighting in the front line of production, sales, R&D and service, with their hard-working and smart intelligence, are all indispensable talents in the development of Somic.

We hope that more people will pay attention to the development of Somic, more people with practical experience or ability will join Somic, and more people can work together to realize the beautiful vision of "building a world-class enterprise of ball joint"!

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